NeuroMarketing: The Art of Invisible Influence

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So you’ve probably heard the buzzword “NeuroMarketing” tossed around a lot by experts on

CNN or CNBC lately. And maybe that got you wondering, what exactly is NeuroMarketing?

Well, first of all, let’s clarify what it’s not. It’s not about manipulating the masses into buying

things they don’t need. Quite the opposite actually. NeuroMarketing is about pairing the perfect

product with the exact consumer who needs it.

If you believe in your product, and care about your customers, you owe it to them to implement NeuroMarketing campaigns to help them discover what they truly want and how to get it.

NeuroMarketing is the science of using data driven decision-making to dramatically improve your customer’s overall experience. It’s about tapping into the triggers hidden deep in our subconscious, to bring out the secret desires that exist there just below the surface. Then shepherding that desire directly to the exact product that fulfills that need.

Sounds like pseudoscience mumbo jumbo, right?

But it’s not. It’s actually very real. And it’s backed by research from the world’s leading scientists.

So, how does it work? - A 10,000 foot overview

It all starts in a small part of the brain called the Limbic System. This tiny area exerts massive control over our decision making. How? Because the Limbic System is like the “operating system” for our emotions.

No one wants to admit that they click the “Buy Button” based on impulse. But everyone does it.

Research has proven that emotions are involved in up to 90% of our purchasing decisions.

However, a recent poll showed the majority of consumers overwhelmingly still felt like they mostly made only “rational” purchasing decisions.

Spoiler alert: they were dead wrong!

Scientists discovered this bridge between emotions and purchase action purely on accident when they observed stroke victims with Limbic System damage agonizing over meaningless buying decisions, like what cereal to choose.

The root cause of their confusion was found to be directly tied to the fact that they had lost the ability to weigh decisions using the emotional history housed in their Limbic System.

Later, another group of scientists expanded on this research by conducting a University study using nothing more than two bowls of chocolate chip cookies and the opinions of volunteers.

The shocking results of this test proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that these subconscious

visual cues that impact consumers' emotional decision triggers could influence even the

opinions of academic geniuses… Who KNEW they were being tested!

These subconscious neuroscience triggers affect every decision we make!

For example, if your grandmother was from Georgia, maybe the smell of a fresh baked apple pie on a warm Sunday afternoon is a time machine that takes you back to a simpler time in your childhood.

Or maybe your best years were spent at Harvard, and the color crimson subconsciously brings back those fun and exciting experiences in college.

Like it or not, our minds are a massive library, housing the sum total of all of our experiences(both good and bad), and those experiences cause subconscious emotional triggers that influence the outcome of every single choice we make!

When businesses advertise more efficiently, everyone wins!

It’s important to reiterate, NeuroMarketing is NOT about negative manipulation. It is the science

of using a subject’s emotional preferences to help pair them with the perfect, personalized

choice in a cluttered consumer market and enhance their overall buying experience.

And, contrary to what some talking heads on TV may have said, it’s not about simple brain

scans lighting up with activity when you view a trigger.

If it was that simple, anyone could do it.

Many businesses have been burned by unqualified amateurs who have zero experience in actual neuroscience. But, using the science to enhance your marketing is about more than simple scans and pseudoscience.

It’s about using cutting edge neuroscience to dive deep into the profile of your potential

customers, and then using that information to create the perfect customer experience for them.

Studies have shown that hundreds of millions of dollars of ad spend is wasted each year on product/market mismatch. NeuroMarketing is about helping your customers make the right choice, the first time, every time!

And when businesses advertise more efficiently, everyone wins.

50 Shades of Blue: A $200 Million Dollar NeuroMarketing Case Study

Even though the phrase “NeuroMarketing” may be relatively new, the concept is as old as marketing itself. Our tools may have come a long way, but the core concept is still the same.

As a matter of fact, some of Silicon Valley’s best and brightest have kept this secret carefully guarded for decades! But the secret is out, and everyone wants to leverage this incredible strategy to skyrocket their sales!

Everyone from stuffy old quant firms to trendy startups are clambering to find qualified experts to

implement NeuroMarketing strategies in their businesses to supercharge their marketing!

But, you are probably asking yourself, “how much difference can it really make?” A slight speed increase, a subtle color change, tweaking a few buttons… How much can those subtle NeuroMarketing tactics actually affect the bottom line?

Apparently $200 million a year, just for starters!

Several years ago, Google’s Neuroscience Research team decided to test if tweaking the shades of blue in the Google AdSense ads would change the click through rates. These rates determine how many people see an ad in the Google search area for something relevant, and then “click through” the ad to purchase the product.

Overall the Google team tested 50 shades of blue… and one specific shade absolutely dominated all the others.

They made the switch, and the team was able to directly calculate that this tiny, subtle shift added a staggering $200 million in revenue to the company!

That’s the incredible power of NeuroMarketing in action!

So why are we qualified?

Unlike most of the so-called “NeuroMarketing experts,” our founder didn’t start out planning to be a marketer. He started out as a neuroscientist planning to enter the field of neurosurgery.

After a near-death experience with a deadly virus took away that opportunity, fortune forced him to follow other paths in order to fulfill his life’s dream of using neuroscience to help people.

This road eventually led him to discover the incredible field of NeuroMarketing.

Unfortunately, he quickly found what many business owners already knew first-hand, that this field is full of fakes with none of the rigorous academic training required to work in the field of NeuroMarketing.

Armed with actionable insights from his years in academia, as well as the real world experience of running a small, highly successful business, he was able to start implementing the same NeuroMarketing strategies that worked for his business into the businesses of other owners.

From our humble beginnings, we’ve now grown into one of the largest and most successful agencies offering true NeuroMarketing strategies for ecommerce companies.

We put our money where our mouth is. We’ve spent $30 million dollars learning how to effectively use NeuroMarketing for business owners just like you. (BTW, we 4x'd that investment into a $120 million revenue windfall for those owners!).

So check out our 5-Star Google reviews, interview our past clients, or even speak with some of

our friendly staff, based here in Cincinnati, OH.

Our mission is to overwhelmingly exceed your expectations and open the door to something

new that may just be the single biggest leverage point you’ve ever experienced for accelerating the growth of your business!

So if you are ready to bail on the boring, traditional marketing strategies that just don’t work anymore, and implement a revolutionary new system that can not only supercharge your sales, but also help make your customers a whole lot more satisfied, Unlock our NeuroMarketing HoneyPot Now.

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